AppDynamics Certification Opens Up Avenues to Better Paying Jobs and Training is Essential

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 , 3 Comments

AppDynamics is one of the best tools for application performance management. It helps analyze, optimize and predict bottlenecks in IT development and can be used on a variety of platforms from .NET to GoLang. It also helps monitor performance and manage applications. Many enterprises engaged in development are opting for Appdynamics as their preferred tool and training as well as certifications open up career opportunities for better paying jobs.

AppDynamics Certification

One can learn but it is a moot question if employers will accept the claim of a job applicant that he knows. On the other hand, should the applicant possess AppDynamics certification it is a testimonial to his skills and he gets hired. Who should go in for this certification? It is primarily aimed at IT professionals tasked with configuring, deploying and managing it within an organization. It is for system architects, engineers and administrators as well. There are various levels of certification such as one for expert system architects, another for a professional and another for implementation professionals. One can start at the bottom and climb up higher. There are decided benefits to certification. It gives credibility to the job applicant’s claim of knowing it. Those who are certified are eligible for higher remuneration and certified professionals belong to a select community of experts.
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There are several ways one can go about obtaining certification, one of which is to register with university but then studies are the applicant’s responsibility. A better way is to join Excelr training sessions.  These are available online for a global community of professionals seeking to enhance their professional skills. It is just as easy for organizations to upgrade skills of their employees by inviting Excelr trained and certified professionals to conduct in-house training. Fresh graduates can opt for Excelr’s AppDynamics certification available in global centers. India is an emerging IT player and Excelr offers APM coaching through its centers in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai.

modes of training

What makes Excelr certification training different is a modular, customized approach to focus only on those that are of immediate benefit to trainees as regards their job responsibilities. Excelr also offers training according to the tiered model of university that leads to certification and gives trainees a head start in the job market. Two, training is conducted by trained, certified and industry-experienced professionals who are thoroughly familiar with how the software works. Training by such professionals means that trainee acquires in-depth knowledge with hands-on practical as well and he can attempt and pass the examination on the first attempt.

These days a simple graduation or even a post graduation in IT is just not sufficient to get into a paying career with top multinationals. One must acquire advanced qualifications and specialize in one branch or the other. The certification is perfect for such fresher and it is just as good for those already working in development environments looking to advance further even as they deliver better performance for their employers.

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